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New York Times

By Shivani Vora

June 2022 – Author Shivani Vora discusses the London Masterpiece Art Fair’s very first exhibit dedicated to minerals. She shares her conversation with Daniel Trinchillo, founder of Mardani Fine Minerals, as he reveals the excitement around the new display and the growing interest in mineral collecting.



By Vivienne Chow

July 2022 – Dinosaur Bones and Rare Minerals Have Lured an International Jetset of Collectors Back to a Rebooted Masterpiece London. The fair is mixing up its offerings alongside fine art for its first in-person edition after a Covid hiatus.


Financial Times

By Victoria Woodcock

January 2021 – “The type of systematic collecting pioneered by 18th-century European aristocrats for their Wunderkammern has sort of gone,” agrees New York dealer Daniel Trinchillo, founder of Mardani Fine Minerals, adding that today’s major mineral players include Salim Eddé, whose collection opened Beirut’s Mineral Museum (MIM) in 2013, and Guy Laliberté, founder of Cirque du Soleil.


Business Jet Traveler

By Margie Goldsmith

December 2019 – Minerals have been popular collectibles for centuries but they’re particularly in vogue now, at least partly because they’ve often proven to be such good investments. “I’ve seen ones selling for a hundred times what they were selling for 20 or 30 years ago,” says Daniel Trinchillo, founder, CEO, and president of Fine Minerals International. “And I’ve seen collections worth five and 10 times what they cost five or 10 years earlier.”


Home & Estates

By Alyson Pitarre

February 2019 – Appreciated for their beauty and for fostering a deeper connection to nature, many are turning to minerals as an alternative to traditional art pieces. Home & Estates magazine explores the growing movement of displaying museum-quality crystals in the home. The article also highlights the metaphysical properties of crystals and why homeowners are eager to include them in their décor.



By Garrett Carter

November 2018 – Forbes highlights some of the most stylish ways you can elevate your space—starting with your coffee table. Tips include: layering textures, shapes, and adding a statement piece from Mardani Fine Minerals.


Art & Antiques

By Sarah E. Fensom

January 2018 – Art & Antiques announces a new exhibit at Greenwich, Connecticut’s Bruce Museum dedicated to collector Robert R. Wiener. Wiener’s childhood love of minerals flourished and lead to his magnificent and vast collection, which was built over forty years. The article reveals that 100 of his minerals are on display and highlights some of the collection’s most interesting specimens.



By Deborah Fleck

July 2017 – The Dallas News reports on collector and philanthropist Lyda Hill’s newest acquisition from Fine Mineral International, The Eyes of Africa, and its subsequent donation to the Perot Museum of Nature and Science. It shares the unique and captivating story of how a beautiful, one of a kind mineral traveled from the mines of Namibia to the United States to find its new home at the Perot Museum.



By Isabella Nucci

July 2017 – D Magazine shares the intriguing story of how collector and philanthropist Lyda Hill’s newest acquisition from Fine Minerals International, The Eyes of Africa, made the journey from the mines of Namibia to the halls of the Perot Museum of Nature and Science. This story covers the media event surrounding the unveiling of this fine mineral and touches on Lyda Hill’s passion for minerals and the natural sciences.



By Jorge S. Arango

Spring 2016 – Luxury magazine sheds light on the growing practice of high-end mineral collecting as an investment alternative for art collectors. It highlights the fascinating history and methodology behind the practice, as well as several facts and tips regarding valuation and acquisition from some of the most prominent dealers in the mineral industry today.



By Margie Goldsmith

December 2015 – Collector, Chris Burch shares his prized specimen, a stunning example of rubellite (tourmaline) from the Jonas Mine of Brazil. This specimen, acquired for Burch by Fine Minerals International is a fantastic example of chasing the finest minerals available.



By Elizabeth Harris

October 2007 – The demand for high-quality mineral specimens is at an all-time high. In this article, Worth Magazine takes a look at the motivation behind mineral collecting and reveals how renowned collectors like Marc P. Weill are finding the most valuable specimens in the world.



By Missy Sullivan

November 2006 – Forbes magazine talks minerals with legendary collector, Marc P. Weill whose award-winning collection has been deemed one of the finest private collections of the 21st century. Weill and his mineral dealer/advisor, Daniel Trinchillo discuss sourcing, the ever-changing mineral market, and the exciting adventures that occur during the “great chase” for the next amazing specimen.



By M.G. Lord

September 2002 – Over time, fine minerals have come to be seen as works of art collected for aesthetic appeal. The Robb Report Collection explains why beauty, sculptural form, and provenance can increase the desirability and overall value of a specimen.


The Mineralogical Record

By Daniel Trinchillo

November/December 2020, Vol. 51: Num. 6 – Follow author Daniel Trinchillo’s exhilarating account of the discovery and collection of arguably the finest mineral find in recent history, the “King of Kashmir” aquamarine. Experience firsthand the trials and triumphs behind the piece’s acquisition in Pakistan, and how its story has been over 20 years in the making.




By Daniel Trinchillo, Federico Pezzotta and Andrea Dini

January/February 2015, Vol. 46: Num. 1 – This issue of The Mineralogical Record was guest authored by our very own Daniel Trinchillo, owner of the famed Pederneira mine of Minas Gerais, Brazil. Pederneira is a comprehensive look at one of the world’s most beloved tourmaline localities. Trinchillo provides an in-depth history of the mine, accounts of daily mine life, geological insights, as well as detailed descriptions of all the fabulous pockets encountered throughout the years.



By Daniel Trinchillo

March/April 2015, Vol. 46: Num. 2 – This brief editorial by dealer Daniel Trinchillo stresses the importance of proper provenance documentation and explains its place in deciding the “value, importance and desirability” of a mineral specimen. When read in tandem with his article, it sets the stage to explain how provenance provides historical significance and can cultivate an even deeper appreciation of minerals.



By Daniel Trinchillo

March/April 2015, Vol. 46: Num. 2 – This article focuses on the journey of recovering the lost history of a single spectacular heliodor crystal. It details the specific steps that were necessary to reveal its rich history of at least 135 years and shows how quickly and easily such details can be lost to us forever. It is a wonderful example of how diligent and dedicated mineral lovers should maintain the provenance of their specimens if they wish to respect minerals and participate in the time-honored practice of mineral collecting. It is also a powerful reminder to new collectors that they too become part of their mineral’s narrative.


By Gloria Staebler, Wendell Wilson, Janet Clifford, Dave Bunk, Paul Pohwat, Sue Liebetrau, Guenther Neumeier, Tom Wilson; Imagery by Jeff Scovil, Wendell Wilson, Harold & Erica Van Pelt, John Smolski, Kevin Dixon

February 2008 – In 2005, a committee of mineral experts undertook the ambitious project of organizing a presentation of the best minerals from 50 different mineral localities across the United States. The result was a spectacular exhibit that opened at the 2008 Tucson Gem & Mineral Show. This book commemorates the impressive event by highlighting some of the best mineral specimens featured from each locality and includes fascinating background stories and outstanding visuals.


By Stephen Smale; Photos by Jeff Scovil

May 2006 – Many know famed mathematician Dr. Stephen Smale as the inventor of the Chaos Theory but he is also known for having compiled one of the world’s premiere private mineral collections. With a self-described focus on “form, truth, and economy,” this book is filled with several sumptuous photos of many of his favorite specimens (the best of a projected 500-piece collection).



By Wendell E. Wilson, Joel A. Bartsch, Mark Mauthner

November 2004 – This beautiful book features several specimens that have been or are currently on display at the Houston Museum of Natural Science. It is filled with stunning, high-quality images that are perfect for pouring over details, as well as collector advice and historical/provenance information on each of the pieces. It is a great book for both the novice and the connoisseur for its vivid imagery.



By Wendell E. Wilson

January/February 1994, Vol. 25: Num. 6 – This entire issue of the Mineralogical Record is a comprehensive account of the rich tradition of mineral collecting and its origins. It begins in the early 1500s and traverses 15 countries, almost 300 years, and contains notes on 1,200 early mineral collectors. The History of Mineral Collecting is perfect for aspiring mineral scholars who wish to learn more about mineral collecting within a historical context.


By Peter Bancroft

July 1984 – This book is often referred to as the “mineral industry bible.” It takes readers around the world to 100 of the best mineral localities through engaging stories, a plethora of mining photos and great specimen details. It is unique in its depiction of the culture and life around the localities and is as much a survey of human culture as it is a valuable resource for classic mineral localities. Published in 1984, many of the minerals and localities have since been surpassed but even today, Gem & Crystal Treasures remains an invaluable resource for any mineral lover.


FIne Minerals International production featuring Daniel Trinchillo at Masterpiece London 2022

Join Daniel Trinchillo, founder of Mardani Fine Minerals, as he takes you on a brief tour through his exhibit at the London Masterpiece art fair and shares a few specimens on display as well as the tremendous energy and excitement surrounding the reputable art fair’s first display dedicated to fine minerals. For more information about the minerals featured in this video, contact

Blue Cap Productions interviewing Daniel Trinchillo of Fine Minerals International

Hosted by BlueCap Productions, this episode of Mineral Talks LIVE features our very own Daniel Trinchillo. Take a look as he shares some interesting specimens (and instruments) as well as where his love of minerals began, the story of how he transitioned from a collector to a prominent dealer, and how his current projects are panning out, including the legendary Pederneira Mine in Brazil. For more information about the minerals featured in this video, contact

Blue Cap Productions, featuring Daniel Trinchillo of Fine Minerals International

is a fascinating exploration into the home and history of some of the most outstanding tourmaline specimens ever recovered. The film provides an in-depth look into each of the remarkably diverse pockets of Pederneira as described by the mine operators and showcases several of the breathtaking specimens recovered over the years. For more information about the minerals featured in this video, contact

Blue Cap Productions, featuring Eberhard Equit, and Daniel Trinchillo of Fine Minerals International

is a first-hand account of the life and work of esteemed mineral painter, Eberhart Equit. Equit has published three sold-out books and his work graces the homes of many of the most successful mineral connoisseurs worldwide. In this biographical documentary, he discusses his humble beginnings in Thuringia, Germany, his early work, and the techniques he utilizes to bring his mineral paintings to life.

In the 2020 edition of , show hosts Lauren and Peter Megaw sit down with Daniel Trinchillo of Fine Minerals International to experience why it’s called one of the hottest stops in Tucson. These incredible tourmalines, fluorites, and other uniquely spectacular finds once again exceed our hosts’ expectations. For more information about the minerals featured in this video, contact

Blue Cap Productions, featuring: Dave Wilber & Daniel Trinchillo of Fine Minerals International

In this edition of , host Dave Wilber explores the Fine Minerals International house with owner, Daniel Trinchillo. The exhibition tour features a few works of art by Lawrence Stoller, and then proceeds onward to a handful of remarkable new mineral specimens, including stunning tourmaline from Trinchillo’s mine, Pederneira, new and wonderfully peculiar malachite specimens from China, and several spectacular fluorites from around the world. For more information about the minerals featured in this video, contact


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2018 SEPTEMBER – In this edition we address one of the most common questions visitors ask us in the gallery,

(The minerals) they’re beautiful,but is that how they look when you first find them?”

With photo examples and explanations, we provide firsthand examples of how some specimens appear when they are first found, and what is sometimes done to make them ready for a collector’s display.

2018 MAY – In honor of Mother’s Day, we explored a special group of minerals chosen for their use as symbols of feminine energy. From the passion of goddesses, the fancies of queens, and the rings of saints – the fascinating stories behind these beautiful treasures is boundless.

2017 DECEMBER – A selection of some of our favorite custom display installations. As a company that provides both mineral specimens, and all the display solutions for them, we find that minerals have the ability to transform any space. Enjoy some great examples.

2017 JULY – In this edition we explore the mineral, rhodochrosite – one of the most coveted species of the mineral kingdom. Highlighted examples include and explain three different crystal varieties of rhodochrosite, all of which were featured at Mardani Fine Minerals, New York.