Mardani Fine Minerals

Mardani Fine Minerals is the flagship gallery of industry leaders, Daniel Trinchillo and Marisa Chung of . Rooted in Daniel’s signature, “taste-making” curation, Mardani is a place where visitors can experience fine mineral specimens in a unique and contemporary gallery setting.

Daniel Trinchillo and Marisa Chung

Daniel Trinchillo & Marisa Chung at the Grand Opening of Mardani

Daniel has nearly 25 years of experience as a mineral dealer in the private industry, and 35 years as a mineral collector himself. His focus has always been to acquire and present the finest specimens, and his commitment to quality (along with his passion and eye for beauty) has solidified his spot among the top mineral dealers in the world.

His willingness to travel the globe at a moment’s notice and ability to recognize potential, trends, and timelessness within his field has made him the source of many of the finest specimens ever brought to market. He has discovered and sold individual specimens that have far exceeded previous record holders of the same species in both quality and price. These fine mineral specimens have not only redefined market values but some of the very standards and tastes of the entire collecting market. Many examples now grace the halls of prominent museums and the finest private collections around the globe.

In November 2014, Daniel and his wife, Marisa, opened the Mardani gallery. Their vision was to create a spectacular and inviting retail space where they could introduce the extraordinary beauty of the finest mineral specimens of the world to everyone, from the most seasoned collector to the absolute novice. Together, they now offer the opportunity to observe and acquire the world’s finest natural treasures, specimens that were previously reserved exclusively to museums and private collectors.

Visitors of Mardani are encouraged to fully immerse themselves in the fascinating fine mineral specimens surrounding them. Not only are they given the opportunity to admire minerals for their incredible aesthetics, but they are also able to take in their history, learning about the circumstances of their creation and the methods behind collecting them. The Mardani is made up of mineral lovers who are eager and equipped to answer a wide breadth of mineral and mineral-related questions. From a mineral’s formation and its provenance to information about metaphysical crystals and their cultural impact, all questions are welcome, and if the answer is unclear, they will gladly seek out the answer with you. The ultimate mission of Mardani is to inspire the world with these wonderful examples of natural art, and we look forward to sharing this experience with you.

Blue ‘Pinacoid’ Topaz with Muscovite and Smoky Quartz on Albite

Fine Minerals International

is a world-renowned purveyor of fine mineral specimens. We are a team of passionate mineral lovers who are dedicated to promoting and elevating the practice of mineral collecting by providing collectors with the highest-caliber fine mineral specimens as well as a complete suite of complementary services that are unmatched in the industry.

As renowned mineral dealers, our commitment reaches far beyond supplying collectors with extraordinary pieces. We help our clients identify and reach their collecting goals by establishing tailor-made collecting strategies that will provide the highest level of satisfaction, both psychologically and as an appreciable asset class. We take great pains to guide collectors in their acquisitions so that the final result is a collection that is cohesive, refined, and even greater than the sum of the parts.

Every facet of what we do, from acquisition to our documentation services, custom displays, and expert curation, is in the pursuit of mineral connoisseurship at its highest level. Whether you are in the infancy of collecting or have a well-established collection, we are here to help you take the next steps.


Our Team

Daniel Trinchillo and Marisa Chung

Daniel Trinchillo & Marisa Chung

President & First Lady

Daniel is the president and founder of . He started collecting minerals when he was eight years old, and it turned into a lifelong passion for him and his family. With the blessings of his parents, he left for Russia when he was 19 to explore previously unexploited mines and the mineral market. After establishing himself there, he soon found himself in places like the pegmatite mines of Brazil and Madagascar, the antimony mines of China, and countless other locations around the globe.

Integral to his process is his photographic memory and the ability to understand the finest nuances of aesthetics and impact. These skills have made his taste unparalleled and his selections extremely successful at market. His emphasis on integrity and quality in his business practices has also been pivotal in acquiring new finds and bringing his company into the forefront of the collecting community. Now, with 34 years as a collector and nearly 25 years as a mineral dealer in the private industry, Daniel has made hundreds of trips around the world and has solidified his spot among the top mineral dealers worldwide.

In 2002, he met his wife, Marisa Chung, who brought her financial expertise and business acumen into the fold. Together, they equipped Fine Minerals International to provide a full range of mineral services, which further distinguished themselves as the ultimate resource for discerning collectors. Since its inception, it has been a driving force behind many of the most prestigious and celebrated private and public collections worldwide, including the acclaimed at the Perot Museum of Nature and Science, and the esteemed collection at the MIM museum of Beirut. Their involvement with these public exhibits inspired them to make high-caliber fine mineral specimens more accessible to the public.

In 2014, Daniel and Marisa co-founded the Mardani Fine Minerals gallery in New York City (their first retail space) in order to make exceptional minerals available outside of the closed, private market. Daniel and Marisa continue to travel, curate, and grow and Mardani Fine Minerals with their expertise and passion.

David Bagnera

David Bagnera


David joined the Mardani team in 2014. He is a California native and recent New York transplant who has always had a fascination with rocks and minerals, and still has his childhood collection. He brings with him over a decade of sales and retail management experience with a concentration in fine jewelry. He is a quick study with a photographic memory and an impressive breadth of mineral knowledge.

Crystal Suh

Crystal Suh

Sales Manager

Crystal joined the team in 2015 and brought with her an eclectic background based on writing, consulting, sales, and the arts. She is a lifelong collector of objets d’art and a lover of the natural world. Her favorite aspect of minerals (besides sharing their name) is the wealth of narratives that surround them. From the incredibly complex science surrounding their formation to the often impossible measures taken to unearth and preserve these treasures, she avidly studies and shares these fascinating histories with her clients.

Gabrielle Lipton

Gallery Associate

Gabrielle (“Gabby”) joined the Mardani team in 2017. She is a New York native with a background in the arts and expertise in videography. She has worked for a number of galleries in both New York City and Los Angeles. Gabby’s love of art has helped guide her appreciation of minerals as a natural art form. She enjoys sharing her enthusiasm and knowledge of minerals with collectors of all ages.