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Minerals – Natural Art that Works in any Space

Minerals have been a source of awe and wonder since antiquity. The first recorded mineral collections were developed in the late 1400s and the practice has only continued on through the ages. From kings and aristocrats to scientists, robber barons, oil magnates, artists, and spiritual healers, it seems that all of mankind has marveled at minerals for their incredible forms and perceived fantastical powers.

Today, we live in an age where several of the most spectacular pieces have already been discovered, and experience has given us the time and skill to recover them properly from the depths of the earth. Mineral collections have grown to be as diverse and extraordinary as the people who compile them; and with the trend of integrating mineral collections into existing living spaces becoming more and more popular, exhibiting these pieces of natural art to the level they deserve became increasingly difficult. The industry was devoid of state-of-the-art displays that had already evolved for the other fine art collectibles.

As dealers of the finest of these natural treasures, we were extremely frustrated with the mineral display methods available for them. Nothing previously made could adequately accentuate a mineral’s form, transparency, luster, and color. In fact, the clumsy lighting and cluttered components often caused spectacular minerals to suffer within uninspired display cases. This is why we pioneered a number of display solutions that could show off the attributes of each and every mineral at the highest level. They were specifically engineered to exhibit even the most complex specimens as seamlessly as possible, allowing one to give focus where it actually belongs – on the minerals. Our proprietary display case lighting and display solutions have quickly become the industry standard and can be seen in museum halls, private collections, and dealer showrooms around the world.

When integrating our display solutions into your space, we combine years of mineralogical expertise with a team of talented craftsmen who work together to determine everything from the electrical components needed to highlight a particular mineral to the correct color temperature of light for that specific mineral species to show its best features. Our full suite of unique and innovative mineral display systems is comprehensive and ranges from small light panels that can be retrofitted into existing cabinets to stunning display cases customizable to any space. Whether creating an entire mineral wing or integrating them throughout an established space, we are able to ensure optimal conditions that will inspire conversation and elicit the admiration your treasured investments deserve.

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