Wenshan Mine, Wenshan County, Yunnan Province, China

Dimensions (H x W x D)

12 x 12 x 10.1 cm


1.619 kg

Description & Provenance

This beautiful Calcite specimen is from the Wenshan Mine of China. The area is home to spectacular crystal caverns that have been known to produce some of the most unique aragonite and calcite formations in the world. Specimens are dramatic and tend to form in large, wavelike shapes or more collectible, stalactitic formations (and some a combination of the two). Although the caverns were prolific, the material varies greatly in quality and only the best specimens have distinct, well-defined formations. The absolute favorites resemble mushrooms, trees, or flowers. Fine specimens also have well-developed crystals, good luster, and excellent overall composition.

This is a lovely example of the interpretive and beautiful formations for which Wenshan is loved. It has sharp crystals, shimmering luster, and intriguing composition. It is most likely that this piece formed upside down (to the orientation that we have it displayed here) and that its beige body and branches formed down from the pocket ceiling. Partially submerged in a body of calcium-rich water, it is likely that the “leaves” were then able to crystallize, creating the lustrous, white clusters that give the calcite branches lush “foliage.” Elegant and well-balanced, the specimen has a dainty yet detailed aesthetic that resembles a majestic bonsai tree. It would complement any space or collection with its attractive and artistic aesthetics.

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