Poonah, Maharashtra, India

Dimensions (H x W x D)

35 x 36 x 22 cm


15.45 kg

Description & Provenance

India is known for producing outstanding crystals in the zeolite class of minerals. During the Cretaceous Period (approximately 68 million years ago), the area known as The Tertiary Deccan Traps experienced a series of intense volcanic activity that spanned the course of five years. It deposited the magma from whence the plentiful basalt of the region formed. Scolecites and other zeolites crystallized when alkaline ground water trapped within the vesicles interacted with the volcanic rocks and ash.

This is a stunning example of scolecite with impressive size and marked perfection. Rarely are scolecites extracted with so little damage that they are able to maintain their spherical, domed periphery. This is a large, replete example with an eye-catching burst of stark-white, robust crystals that radiate from a central point. Distinguishing it from other excellent examples, this radiating sphere is accompanied by a fan-like spray of smaller scolecite crystals adjoined at its base, adding to the specimen’s texture and form. The varied height of its robust crystals creates a mesmerizing dimensionality that draws the eye to explore. With its breathtaking form and ice-like aesthetics, this specimen is an excellent example of its kind.

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