Cabiche, Mun. de Quipama, Boyaca Department, Colombia

Dimensions (H x W x D)

16 x 16 x 13 cm


1.658 kg

Description & Provenance

Quartz, although abundant and prolific, can vary greatly depending on the environment in which it has formed. Despite the fact it can be found worldwide, the vast majority of it is unremarkable. Furthermore, fine caliber quartz distinguishes itself with its propensity for incredible clarity, geometric form, and brilliant luster. Trace elements may also lend unique traits to quartz specimens such as color, included minerals, or second generations of growth, all of which can lead to many diverse varieties. Among the distinctive variations is “mango quartz,” which is a nickname for colorless to clear quartz crystals with a striking, yellow coloration that is concentrated towards the crystals’ terminations. The color is an eye-catching orange-yellow tone that is the product of included halloysite.

This is a sizable cluster that is replete with sharp, elongated crystals in an explosive arrangement. The crystals are incredibly transparent and have a glossy shine. The largest have formed with the tell-tale, “mango” coloration concentrated at their tips. Notably, the yellow-tipped crystals are well-dispersed, allowing for great crystal isolation. Lustrous and bright, this attractive example exhibits all the best traits of its variety and is a fantastic representative example of the rare subset.

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