Kharan District, Balochistan, Pakistan

Dimensions (H x W x D)

5.4 x 9 x 6 cm


134 g

Description & Provenance

Alpine conditions are known to produce incredible minerals, such as stunningly complex quartz; exceptionally fine pink fluorite; sleek hematite; sharp, glossy brookite; and much more. Collectors have a love affair with alpine minerals and many build suites of them within their collections—some even collect alpine minerals exclusively. Although these mountainous treasures are incomparable, they are not obtained without significant difficulty, requiring miners to make treacherous ascents up steep, unforgiving terrain. Yet, the potential for breathtaking material drives the miners to unbelievable heights year after year in hopes of discovering the natural jewels that await them near the peaks.

This striking brookite from the Kharan mountains of Pakistan is one such example. It comes from one of the incredibly exciting finds of brookite circa the 2000s, which produced some of the finest examples of the species. The brookite crystal stands proudly at a 90-degree angle, face-on and upright. This allows us to savor its excellent shape—a characteristically thin, tabular form with linear striations; its lavish, red-brown, mahogany color; and great translucency. It also has black lines and an hourglass-shaped inclusion that is characteristic to the find. It is a distinctive trait that is sought after by mineral collectors and ideally expressed here with marked prominence and symmetry. It gives the crystal the unexpected effect of looking quite deep and dimensional when seen from the front, despite its thin silhouette. Those who see it are often surprised and delighted to find it to be nature’s own optical illusion. The symmetry of the crystal is mirrored by the symmetry of its matrix (host rock) which is an ivory color, accented by white quartz crystals. The texture and color juxtapose the sleek and elegant crystal for a dynamic display that would look great in any collection.

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