Denny Mountain, King County, Washington, USA

Dimensions (H x W x D)

11 x 17 x 9 cm


1.738 kg

Description & Provenance

Denny Mountain is a notoriously dangerous locality, dense with forest trees and steep with jagged rock formations to surmount. Despite its challenges, mineral lovers go to great heights for the unique treasures that lie within—white quartz crystals terminated by translucent “raspberry amethyst,” a wholly unique and attractive variation of scepters. “Raspberry amethyst” is a nickname given to amethysts with tiny, specks and acicular (needle-like) inclusions of hematite, giving them a rosier hue and metallic sparkle. Scepters are already among the rarer formations that crystals may take on, but this unusual variant is even more distinctive, making them beloved by collectors. Those that take on the treacherous landscape may be rewarded with a small single crystal or, if quite lucky, a cluster of white quartz with upwards of three scepters. This awesome cluster is dense with radiating quartz and amethyst-quartz scepters. The numerous, quartz crystals spray outwards, and over a dozen of them are crowned with compact, raspberry amethysts in an attractive and complementary mauve hue. These beautiful scepters are well-dispersed throughout the quartz with enough isolation to admire their unique forms and lovely color. All the specimen’s many crystals are also lustrous, accentuating each of their sharp and distinct terminations. Denny Mountain scepters are always in demand among collectors, and this is an extraordinary example!

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