Sweet Home Mine, Mount Bross, Alma District, Park Co., Colorado, USA

Dimensions (H x W x D)

11 x 7.5 x 7 cm


626 g

Description & Provenance

The Sweet Home Mine of Colorado was founded in 1873 for its silver but is famous today for having produced several of the most cherished rhodochrosite specimens known to the collecting community. The best Sweet Home rhodochrosites exhibit exceptional luster, a gem-like rhombohedral crystal habit, and an intense fire-engine red coloration. Sweet Home rhodochrosites have achieved international recognition as a cult classic and collector’s favorite in the mineral collecting community. Notably, the mine is no longer open, making these specimens incredibly rare and hard to come by. This exquisite specimen beautifully illustrates all the most coveted characteristics attributed to its famous locale. It has the brilliant, crimson color, gleaming luster, and a sharp, distinctive rhombohedral crystal habit. Resembling a cut and polished gemstone, its translucence imbues it with a fiery glow when lit. Some have even likened it to the mesmerizing radiance of an ember, a likeness furthered by its contrasting matrix (host rock) of gun-metal black tetrahedrite. The gemmy rhodochrosite crystal is ideally positioned, face-forward and at the top of the tetrahedrite pedestal, as if purposely positioned for admiration. Secondary crystals of rhodochrosite trail below it, accenting the specimen, as well as drawing the eye to the hero crystal. The overall combination gives the piece a striking contrast, visual interest, and a wonderful sense of balance, adding to the impact this natural work of art.

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