McEarl Mine, Blue Springs, Garland Co., Arkansas, USA

Dimensions (H x W x D)

21.6 x 11 x 18 cm


3.357 kg

Description & Provenance

Quartz is the most prolific and most popular mineral in the mineral kingdom. It can be found in nearly every corner of the earth and is in a multitude of objects that we utilize in our daily lives. Despite its abundance, there are a handful of locations that produce quartz of such notable distinction that they differentiate themselves from the masses. The three best localities for distinctive quartz specimens are Columbia, Brazil and Arkansas (U.S.A). Despite the distance between them, they have one commonality, they are examples of hydro thermal quartz veins, formed in intense heat (hotter than other quartz deposits) and therefore produced quartz that is remarkably clear. The best examples from these localities have superb translucence and glassy crystal faces. These specimens are instantly recognizable because they not only surpass examples from other localities around the world, but their natural characteristics rival the work of any master gem-cutter.

Quartz from the McEarl Mine of Arkansas is known as the pinnacle of quality for all U.S. quartz specimens. In its history, it has produced three major pockets of distinct quality. The first was discovered in 1982 and contained a large quantity of both incredibly clear, slender crystals, as well as several large crystals with milky translucence, all with excellent luster. The second major find was in 1987 and is considered to have produced some of the best quartz ever recovered from the locality, and as some would argue, the world. The quartz from the second find had exceptional clarity, good size, reflective luster and sharp, precise faces and terminations. The third find was a more recent discovery and while some of the examples reached the same expected level for quality, they were among just a small fraction of the majority which were incredibly large examples (some weighing up to several hundred pounds) but overall, less fine.

This specimen comes from the McEarl Mine’s first pocket (1982). It is a cluster of nearly a dozen, optically flawless quartz crystals, all with brilliant luster and sharp terminations. The crystals are elegant, precise, and stand with prominence in a tightly composed, vertical grouping, making for an attractive display. Understanding both the quality and the aesthetics of this piece, the mine owner’s brother, Ron Coleman reserved this piece for his personal collection. He held on to the specimen for several years until it was acquired by fine mineral dealer, Daniel Trinchillo of Fine Minerals International.

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