Berbes Mining Area, Ribadesella, Asturias, Spain

Dimensions (H x W x D)

13 x 13 x 7 cm


1.601 kg

Description & Provenance

This specimen is spectacular. It consists of a very large, singular, modified cube of fluorite, with beveled edges, rich coloring, and impeccable geometric zoning. Thanks to a large, window-like face and excellent translucency, we can savor the distinct zoning which alternates between deep purples and a bright, blue color. The crystal’s intricate color zoning accentuates its distinct geometry and creates a natural focal point that draws the eye. The crystal’s faces exhibit reflective luster, and are framed by beveled edges that are matte. The matte edges serve to further pronounce the luster of the specimen’s faces and the precision of its geometry. The entire crystal has fully recrystallized, making this a “floater” with no contact points. This example is from an old Swiss collection and was acquired by its original owner decades ago when significant fluorite specimens started to be found from Berbes. Today, it stands as an excellent and sizeable example from this now famous, classic locale. It’s sure to make a big visual impact in any collection, and can command attention in any setting. In the metaphysical world, purple fluorite is a stone of protection, defending one from evil spirits, negative energy, and bad dreams. It’s also believed to radiate a marvelous energy throughout the body that relieves stress, spiritual discomfort, and any creative blockages.

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