Sokolovskoe Iron Mine, Rudny, Kostanay Region, Kazakhstan

Dimensions (H x W x D)

14 x 7.5 x 10 cm


640 g

Description & Provenance

Calcite is among the most prolific minerals on earth. Despite its abundance, collectors may have several unique examples in their collections thanks to its remarkable diversity, as characteristics often vary by locality. The many shapes, colors, and associations makes for a seemingly infinite number of permutations, allowing collectors to have entire suites of calcites where one specimen can be far different from the next. From the “petaled” pink calcites of China, to the doubly terminated scalenohedral “diamonds” of Tennessee, USA, calcites are a testament to the creativity of Mother Nature.

The Rudny area was once quite prolific, mining produced many handsome specimens (particularly golden yellow calcites) that could be found readily in the mineral market. However, the supply has since dwindled, with the last major find being circa the 1990s. Since then, these distinctive calcites have become a sought-after specialty that many equate with the region. Crystals tend towards a light-yellow coloring with the most desirable examples having formed in attractive, twinned crystals. This is a superb example with a rich expression of light, golden yellow, a heightened version of the tone for which the region is known. The crystal is robust and defined, exhibiting its twinned habit beautifully with its sharp edges. Its delicate color and marked clarity give the calcite an ethereal presence.  Perched atop a complementary, grey matrix, the specimen has an ideal vantage point from which to be viewed. Its top caliber aesthetics and now closed locality make this a great addition to any collection.

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